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Our Website Management and Maintenance Service is a customized management service for the web solutions that we build for our customers. 

Tailored to the site and the services that you require, we can cover every aspect of running an online presence in today’s digital world giving you peace of mind and freeing you to concentrate on running your business.

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WordPress Maintenance & Management

We use WordPress as our main Content Management System. WordPress is the most popular Content Management System in the world, powering over 30% of the world's websites. We manage the WordPress installation, Plugins and any custom code required for your web solution. We take care of the updates and fix any issues or compatibility problems that arise with the introduction of new updates.

Website Security

All websites built by Souzou have security hardening techniques applied that mitigate the risk of having your WordPress based website hacked. However, Security is an ongoing endeavor, through our Website Security Service, we actively manage and continuously scan your website to make sure that no virus, malware or hacker ever affect it. In case the site is affected by a malware, hacked or blacklisted. We provide Malware Removal and Hacker Response Service within 24 hours of detection to have your website back online in no time. 


We provide cloud-based backups of your website including the WordPress Installation, Database, Plugins, and the website content. Storing backups on the cloud instead of the server that hosts your site, provides another layer of security and redundancy in case things go wrong with your web server and you need to restore a recent working copy. Backups schedule and retention policies can be configured based on your requirements. 

Staging Environment

A staging environment is a replica of your website. The staging environment is used to test things like updates to the WordPress system, plugins, custom code, new design before implementation to the live site. Using a Staging Environment reduces the possibility of introducing bugs to the live website and running the risk of having your site inaccessible to your customers for an extended period.

Custom Services

Every website is unique, and so are the requirements in terms of on-going website maintenance and management. Other than the list of services described in this page, other Maintenance and Management services can be arranged upon consultation based on your site, specific needs, and requirements. Our goal is to help you concentrate on running your business rather than running a website.

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